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About Us
Excellence has its own reward!

Welcome to my website!

My name is Rita Meijer-Gladigau and I live with my husband, Will and our fur darlings in Schandelo, a hamlet situated in the southern part of the Netherlands. To us, it is one of the prettiest parts of our country.

My kennel Name is “De la Mascotte du Marais"

Since my childhood I love all kinds of animals and I am fortunate to  have married someone who shares this passion with me.

My first Spitz, a white one, came into my life in 1965. I bought him at the local society for the protection of animals, and later discovered he was not a pure bred Spitz. Nevertheless he was a wonderful dog to me. Besides lack of coat length he was a real Spitz in appearance and temperament.

In 1976 we bought our first purebred orange Kleinspitz, Berlioz v. Jocohama from a Dutch breeder, Mr. Gorissen. Berlioz passed away at the age of almost 17 years. We were not familiar with dog shows and since the breeder did not introduce us to these, Berlioz was only a family doggie.

When we bought Camille v Sanawini, an orange Kleinspitz, in 1989 his breeders, Mr. & Mrs Janssen, talked us into showing him. Mrs Janssen was very right at that point, because Camille was very successful and gained titles in most European countries. By this our show virus started.

We bought several dogs at “Sanawini” Kennel and thanks to their success Mr. & Mrs Janssen were honoured with more than one annual kennel price several years in succession.

Another friend, a well-known Dutch Spitz breeder, Mrs Bep Veldhuizen, advised me stop buying and instead try to breed one of my own. According to her I would be prouder to show my own bred doggies.

In august 1993 we had 3 orange puppies in our first litter. One of the males is Olliver de La Mascotte du Marais and he is a credit to his dad and mom.

We are proud to say that we have a Junior World Winner, a double World Winner, the same dog was a WW twice in succession, European Winners, International Beauty Champions etc.

Besides Kleinspitz in the solid colours orange, black and chocolate I also have Pomeranians.

Daphne de La Mascotte du Marais, an orange Pomeranian bitch was also very successful at dog shows. Unfortunately I never had the intention to breed with her. When I changed my mind, she was too old.

Though we only had 8 litters in the period of 1993 till now, March 2012 we are proud to say that the majority of the puppies have grown up to be show dogs.

The small number of litters is because we think we are responsible for the well-being of our puppies; we make a severe selection on future owners. I do not want our doggies coming into hands of bad people, having their dogs held in cages only for breeding.

We have future owners sign a contract, in which they must agree to bring back the doggie to us in all situations that they cannot keep the dog.

Our dogs are part of the family and live with us in our house.

In the meantime our house is an old doggies home. The majority of our doggies is older than 12 years; while the oldest is 15 years and the youngest is 8 year old. Our young ones are King and Eden, two orange Pomeranians.

 I am a member of:

  • NKC, Nederlandse Keeshondenclub

  • CFSAI,Club Fanηais du Spitz Allemand Italien

  • Verein fόr Deutsche Spitze e.V.

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